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Are you unhappy about your weight? Maybe your are fed up of you job and work life balance seems just a dream? Perhaps your are going through relationship turmoil or just a feeling of being stuck and unsatisfied? Change doesn’t have to be difficult or long. By understanding how our thoughts affect our feelings and behaviors, we can begin  paying attention to our inner world and start walking the path to healing.


This is a powerful question that gets us thinking about the way we treat ourselves. Would you speak to others the way you speak to yourself? Do you know what makes you happy? Have you taken some time to prioritise your needs and plan your ideal life. The truth is, that most people spend more time planning a holiday than planning their life. If you are ready to let go and heal, a chat with Ainara might be what you need to get you on the right track.

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Why combine life-coaching and holistic therapeutic treatments?

Traditional psychotherapy is based around exploring the past seeking understanding and closure. This process can take years of weekly therapy and a positive but slow movement.

We understand life by linking the dots of our past but we create it by living in the present and planning the future. We often spend most of our time worrying about events that happened in the past  which we can do nothing about, or feeling anxious about the future.

By using tapping and psychosensory techniques, Ainara will help you release emotional blockages in just a few sessions. These techniques are gentle and non intrusive and they are very effective in removing the emotion but keeping the wisdom..

Ainara’s approach to coaching and therapy is holistic and bespoke. It involves going deep into the core of your being, looking at your beliefs and values and removing all the blockages from your conscious and unconscious mind. At your own pace, she will help you take inspiring actions for a happy and successful future.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” – Wayne Dyer

One to One

One to one coaching / therapy will provide you with a safe, confidential and empowering space to release whatever is not serving you and replace it with new awareness and tools to move forward

Women's Circle

Weekly and fortnightly personal development groups for women who want to learn, share, heal and grow in a safe and positive environment

Monthly Workshops

Self- development workshops for women who are committed to their well being and growth.These women only workshops are dynamic and transformational!

Ainara Leunda - Life Coach & Therapist


Ainara Leunda is a life coach and therapist who is passionate about helping women achieve balance and harmony in their lives by removing blockages and creating nurturing self-care routines.

Ainara came to the UK at age 17 and by healing her past and learning to love herself, she has created a life she absolutely loves. She lives in London with her husband and their two children.

For the past decade, Ainara has been training in various therapeutic disciplines and she still continues with her personal and professional development.

She is a certified Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Psy-Tap Practitioner, TFT Therapist and a Person Centred Counsellor. She uses her extensive knowledge and experience to create holistic bespoke services that suit her client’s individual needs.

“When I contacted Ainara, I had failed my driving test several times and had almost given up. I was in a state of panic and I felt like I’d never be able to drive. In only two sessions, Ainara helped me remove my fears and she taught me powerful techniques that I used not only to pass my driving test but I still use daily in my life!!

Kelly Smith

“Before I started attending women’s group, I was completely lost in myself. I now feel that I am connected to  myself, my true self, and  my confidence has increased. Ainara’s group has helped me grow as an individual and has helped me  have a voice”

Maria Baldwin

“I felt a connection to Ainara straight away. I wanted to explore my beliefs and Ainara supported and guided me every step of the way. These sessions helped me see how brave and determined I can be, how resourceful and creative I can be and how committed to my own personal growth. I have grown and expanded my insight and now making major changes as a result. I am heading towards the life I really really want having done the ground work with Ainara”

Penny Briant

“Attending women’s circle has been a really positive experience where I have been able to analyze my life and slowly make positive changes. I now questions what I do and the reason behind my thoughts”

Jacqueline St. Hill

“Thank you Ainara. You paid close attention to me and I felt that you cared… You were gentle, insightful and flexible.  By the end of our time together, I had gone from feeling frustrated and in great angst over the plateau I had hit in my healthy weight management journey to a place of peace and acceptance, knowing that I had come a long way already.  I’d come to accept that even if ultimately the scales didn’t show me the figures I wanted to see by whatever date I had set, as long as I was at rest on the inside and making the best choices I can in every situation – and forgiving myself when I don’t – then I’m pleased and satisfied”

Rita Edah

” The work we did with Ainara helped us look beyond what we could see. By looking inside of ourselves, we stopped blaming the other and took responsibility for our relationship. We both got to see thing in the other things we had never paid attention to before. We became aware of the real reasons why we are together and to focus on what is uniting us. We looked at our values and she helped us strengthened our understanding and they way we communicate to each other. We feel that coaching saved our relationship.”

David & Susana

“Yesterday’s group with Ainara totally rocked! It’s great being able to be part of a sisterhood, that sees all sides, with no judgement. Yesterday’s session was a new beggining for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

Marcia Brisset


Ainara Leunda

Complementary Consultation

What’s critical for your to resolve right NOW? and What’s going to happen if you don’t get that handled? A chat with Ainara could change everything. Please tell us your biggest challenge right now leaving us your contact details and a good time to call you.

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