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Work with Me

Free Online Community

Confident & Worthy you is an online free community I created to support women all around the world to connect, grow, heal and share together. By joining this group, you will meet other like minded women who know that life is a journey and time and energy spent in developing ourselves is the key to a joyful and fulfilling life! I am available in the group to answer questions, inspire and assist you in any way I can.



1 to 1 Holistic Coaching

One to one holistic coaching will assist you in finding clarity, releasing blockages and taking the necessary actions to live the life that right now just doesn't seem to be happening. I will be alongside you  supporting, encouraging and challenging you when necessary. I will ask you questions that will take you deep into your core so that you can have a new understanding about how to move forward.


Public Speaking

I speak at conferences, self-development groups, seminars and workshops. My talks are based around the importance of creating a solid relationship with ourselves and the world around us.

People say that my talks are motivational, thought provoking and insightful!

What People Are Saying

“Yesterday’s group with Ainara totally rocked! It’s great being able to be part of a sisterhood, that sees all sides, with no judgement. Yesterday’s session was a new beggining for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

Marcia Brissett

“Before I started attending women’s group and being coached by Ainara, I was completely lost in myself. I now feel that I am connected to my true self, and  my confidence has increased. Working with Ainara has helped me grow as an individual and has helped me  have a voice”




Maria Baker

“I felt a connection to Ainara straight away. I wanted to explore my beliefs and Ainara supported and guided me every step of the way. These sessions helped me see how brave and determined I can be, how resourceful and creative I can be and how committed to my own personal growth. I have grown and expanded my insight and now making major changes as a result. I am heading towards the life I really want having done the ground work with Ainara”

Penny Briant

” The work we did with Ainara helped us look beyond what we could see. By looking inside of ourselves, we stopped blaming the other and took responsibility for the way in which we relate to each other. We both got to see  things we had never paid attention to before. We became aware of the real reasons why we are together and we focused on what it is uniting us. We looked at our values and she helped us strengthened our understanding and they way we communicate to each other. We feel that coaching has saved our relationship.”

David & Susana

“During my time being coached by Ainara I have learned so much about myself which in turn help me to deal with daily challenges as I am managing my expectations better.

I am more aware than ever of my values. Ainara has helped me explore what is holding me back as we worked through my limiting beliefs.

The most challenging part has been sustaining my motivation and Ainara’s incisive questioning has enabled me to come up with solutions that I did not think possible.

I found Ainara genuine and empathetic throughout all sessions which made me feel safe and comfortable”

Antje Langsch


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